Digital Day

Tuo-Be Youth believes that talent involves a lot more training and development and doesn’t have to be limited to just the classroom. Digital Day is a system of programs offering the youth in the Atlanta area, between the ages of 12-16 years old, exposure to the arts, culture, and STEM education.

Each year, we partner with talented industry leaders that help guide program participants in various areas within the chosen industry for that year. In the past, we’ve hosted programs that enhance skills in the art of filmmaking, music, videography and much more!

With the help of our dedicated volunteers and our Tuo-Be Youth team, we ensure that each student gets an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned to their peers, family and friends and new passion and enthusiasm for the increased knowledge they’ve gained from the chosen digital program.



  • Digital Day Series, Arts and Culture

  • Youthchain, STEM Program that teaches cryptocurrencies and understanding the fundamentals of blockchain

  • Student and Young Professionals (SYPs) Apprentice Program

  • The Streets Are Our Runway, Arts and Culture