With a strong desire to invest in and enhance the wellbeing and productivity of our youth, we work to take what is in the mind and live it in action. We provide access to the top mentors and guide each participant towards reaching each of their life’s purposes and goals. We believe in developing the total person.

We are a life skills organization.  The purpose of being a life skills organization is to have the ability to invest in any and all program types that enhance the well being and productivity of our youth.  We want you to be able to take what’s in your mind and live it in action through consistency and access to opportunities and mentors to guide you towards your life purpose and achieving goals.

What are life skills? →


Tuo-be strives to inspire pro-social friendships and strong interpersonal skills through cultivating environments that empower youth to have goals and follow through with commitments, expanding their possibilities socially and professionally.



As a life skills developmental program, our content will deepen as the organization grows touching all aspects of life that youth should know to help with decision making in their personal lives. We also look to be a convening organization, sparking environments which are designed to empower youth with opportunities to flourish.  All components of this program are adaptable and may be implemented by existing organizations to make their programs more effective.