Digital Day

Tuo-Be Youth Development Foundation Inc. is dedicated to improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of young people, while also helping them develop and achieve their potential to strengthen the quality of their skills and career readiness. All of these aspects are vital  to qualify for jobs by top employers. They are also needed to be a true asset to the community and world.

The distinct goal for our talent development programs is to become a high performance incubator that attracts, develops and motivates top talent. Through offering top tier services and staff, we can are able to not only produce stellar results, we can also have the young people who go through the program become future mentors and volunteers. So many young people are detoured in life simply because they lack true support and guidance. What the Two-Be Youth Development Foundation offers is the difference between life and death. We do not want to see anymore children die, physically or spiritually.

Talent is a lot more than training and development, and is not only done in a classroom. True learning consists of several parts: formal, informal and social. Talent is best developed when it constitutes inside and outside learning in the form of coaching, mentoring, job shadowing and project based learning.That is why we are here.. To cater to the whole person.

Our current programs are dedicated to increasing the offerings for career readiness, exposure to the arts and culture and STEM education. There is tremendous power through education and networking, and we will remain devoted to growing with our young people to offer them the absolute best.



The programs include:

  • Digital Day Series, Arts and Culture

  • Youthchain, STEM Program that teaches cryptocurrencies and understanding the fundamentals of blockchain

  • Student and Young Professionals (SYPs) Apprentice Program

  • The Streets Are Our Runway, Arts and Culture